Webinar to be held on the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C)


The Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable of the National Academy of Sciences and Engineering will host a webinar to discuss the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C), which was established in 2018 by the National Quantum Initiative Act.

With support from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and more than 50 companies with a stake in quantum technologies, the QED-C mission is to strengthen U.S. leadership in the quantum technology industry. QED-C is focused on identifying and addressing enabling technology gaps, prioritizing needs for standards and performance metrics; and understanding workforce requirements. A purpose of the consortium is to inform government and academic members of the quantum community of industry priorities and needs. QED-C will also facilitate connections to enhance quantum-related research, innovation, education, and technology transfer.

To register for the webinar please see the GUIRR QED-C webpage

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