Arch Street is a strategic consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia that delivers creative communications and outreach strategies to clients engaged in scientific and technological innovation.  Arch Street also performs research in cyber security and critical infrastructure – providing subject-matter expertise to leading academic researchers.

Arch Street helps clients capitalize on new and emerging research funding opportunities using extensive knowledge of federal science & technology policies, needs, priorities and trends.  These capabilities enable Arch Street to work across three core areas:

  • Outreach and Communications
  • Federal Research Development
  • Cybersecurity

Our Philosophy

Arch Street is guided by an overarching, integrating philosophy:  Compete-to-Win.   We seek to help clients compete successfully in the hotly contested federal S&T space.  To compete and win, institutions must develop comprehensive, long-term federal outreach strategies aimed at success.


Arch Street has over two decades of experience in federal science and technology policy. We are able to work with clients to assess and analyze their needs, then craft plans and strategies aimed at success.  These include integrated outreach, communications and government relations strategies tailored to key federal stakeholders and decision makers.

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