Arch Street on NSF Funding, Senate Tech Legislation

Tim Clancy, President of Arch Street was quoted in the June 3 edition of Chemical and Engineering News on potential new funding for the National Science Foundation and a proposed new NSF technology directorate as envisioned by the US Innovation and Competition Act (S.1260), previously the Endless Frontier Act.

The new legislation and a companion House bill would expand NSF funding of advanced technology and development and push the agency to adopt a “strong program manager” funding model utilized by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This would be significant shift of philosophy for the NSF which has focused on basic, fundamental research selected through rigorous peer review with program managers playing a facilitating role. In the NSF budget request for Fiscal Year 2022, the Biden Administration has proposed the creation of a new NSF technology directorate as well as additional funding for regional innovation activities focused on critical technologies such as advanced manufacturing and semiconductors.

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