A New Land-Speed Record in Tech Transfer


Ten tech transitions in one single year.  In tech transfer circles, that’s nearly unheard of.


The federal government has invested significant resources in fundamental, early-stage research in cybersecurity — especially in the computer, information science and engineering (CISE) fields.  However this research has limited impact on securing the nation’s critical rail, energy and transportation sectors if it doesn’t find it’s way into the private sector for capital investment and commercialization.  That’s why the DHS Transition to Practice Program (TTP) was established — to take existing leading-edge research & concepts from the national labs, university labs and defense institutes and transition them into the marketplace.

Arch Street has been pleased to work with IgniteU-NY who is a partner with the TTP program to bring more federally funded cybersecurity technologies into the marketplace.  The results for TTP in 2017 alone have been remarkable.  It is extremely hard to get a ahead of the curve in the cybersecurity.  Existing technologies are often “fighting the last war” unable to evolve or adapt to the ever-evolving threat landscape.  That’s why to really make progress in protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure from cyber threats, rapid movement from the laboratory to the private sector will be vital.

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