Government Research Labs as Innovation Hubs

Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Nadia Carlsten of the Department of Homeland Security has an interesting article in Forbes this week — Where’s The Next Big Thing In Tech? Try A Government Funded Lab.  She describes how government research labs like the Department of Energy’s National Labs and Department of Defense Labs are a largely untapped source of new start-up technologies and wealth creation. Dr. Carlsten notes that “most projects never make it out of the lab, and instead of helping us stream Youtube videos or warm up leftovers, are left to languish, unused, forever.”  This unused or underused intellectual property — often freely available — can be leveraged through open innovation models .

Arch Street LLC is committed to supporting open innovation through Dr. Carlsten’s Transition to Practice Program focusing on breakthrough cybersecurity technologies to protect private sector critical infrastructure.  Arch Street is working with NYSTEC — a not-for-profit company that provides commercialization and tech transfer services in the Northeast region to Labs such as the Air Force Research Laboratory.

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