ANNOUNCEMENT: Arch Street to Support the MSI STEM Research and Development Consortium

Arch Street is pleased to announce that is has been engaged by an R&D consortium of minority-serving institutions (MSI’s) and affiliated partners. The MSI STEM R&D Consortium (MSRDC) includes a range of public and private schools of higher education engaged in federally-sponsored research and development. Membership not limited to MSI’s — any U.S. university or private company may join the Consortium as a research collaborator. There is no cost to join. The Consortium was formed in 2010 and performs research for a variety of federal agencies through a unique funding vehicle that provides flexibility and agility for R&D program managers. Agencies that currently utilize the Consortium to support their research mission include the Departments of Defense, State, Energy, Transportation and Homeland Security.

Arch Street will help MSRDC further expand research opportunities for the Consortium in the federal space at various agencies and programs.

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