DHS S&T Issues New Cybersecurity Research and Technology Guides

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Arch Street is pleased to work with IgniteU-NY, a partnership intermediary of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T).  In this role we help S&T bring leading-edge technologies flowing from government and university laboratories to the commercial marketplace — to better protect the critical infrastructure of the United States such as the energy grid, water systems and transportation networks.

That is why Arch Street is excited to see that DHS has released two new guides focused on transitioning mature cybersecurity solutions and spurring community discussion about its R&D priorities.

The two publications are the 2018 Cyber Security Division Portfolio Guide and the 2018 Cyber Security Division Technology Guide. These informational guides outline the scope of the S&T’s broad cybersecurity research portfolio and provide insight into numerous R&D efforts that are at or nearing the transition phase, respectively. Each is available for free download from the S&T website.

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