AI Machine Learns to Drive Using Crowdteaching 

Some driving tasks are trivial for humans but hard for machines. Now researchers have developed a way for AI machines to learn from the crowd.

This has been the year of the AI machine, and it’s been a rapid change. Artificial intelligence has suddenly begun to match and even outperform humans in tasks where we’ve have always held the upper hand—face recognition, object recognition, language understanding and so on.

And yet there are plenty of complex tasks in which AI machines still trail humans. These range from simple housework such as ironing to more advanced tasks such as driving. The reason for the slow progress in these areas is not that intelligent machines can’t do these tasks. Far from it. It’s because nobody has worked out how to train them.

The huge progress in face recognition, for example, has come about in large part because of massive databases of images in which human annotators have clearly marked faces in advance. AI algorithms have used these databases to learn.

Source: AI Machine Learns to Drive Using Crowdteaching | MIT Technology Review

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